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Working mainly as a freelance copywriter and ghostwriter, I rarely get bylines. But if you happen to spend time perusing the internet then chances are that you’ve already read some of my work.

Over the eight years I’ve been a freelance writer, I’ve worked on all kinds of projects for several high-profile companies, including Best of Parenting, Raw Freedom, e-Careers and Zenises, to name but a few.

And just in case I’ve not mentioned it enough, I’m also trained in white paper writing and white paper development, a skill that award-winning copywriter, Steve Slaunwhite, was kind enough to endorse me for.

You can read the white paper by clicking here, and make your own mind up about whether his endorsement was justified.

I’ve also worked on one fiction and six non-fiction books to date in various capacities including as a ghostwriter, proofreader and copy-editor. So if you’re into reading, you may be more familiar with my work than you realise.

You’ll find a portfolio of some of the books I’ve worked on below. But with others, I’ve had to sign a non-disclosure agreement, so if I told you any more about those I’d have to kill you.

Only kidding!

But breaking these agreements could land me in serious legal trouble so my lips shall remain firmly sealed.

To make things easy,

and to save you from having to trawl the internet for clues about what I may or may not have written, here’s a portfolio of some of the brands I’ve worked with:

Still not convinced?

See what my clients have to say:

If you’d like to find out more about how I could help with your word-related needs,

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